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Frequently asked questions and answers
Q :How can i stop my weave from looking messy?
A: When hair begins to look frizzy or dry spray with just water to calm down the hair, for hair that is more frizzy or begin to mat, the use of a good quality leave-in conditioner may be required.  A wet and wavy spray can be used in place of a leave-in conditioner,depending on the condition of the hair.
after applying the water and or conditioner, gently finger comb and style as desired.
if the hair begins to lose its shine or look dull, use a light polishing mist.
Washing, use a mid shampoo and wash gently with luke warm water.
After rising, allow the hair to AIR DRY. Do not finger comb the hair until it has completely died.
Sleep/Night Care
Cover hair with a satin bonnet.
For wave patterns you can loosely braid or plait the hair to preserve the wavy pattern.

Q :What type of braids should i get?
A: Large braids or cornrows are the preferred style. They offer most protection and are easiest to care for and last the longest,  stay away from micro-braids as each section is very shallow and may cause traction alopecia if braided to tightly. Cornrows should be maintained on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your lifestyle. individual braids can be worn for up to eight weeks. shorter hair can have the ends sealed (there are many methods) but for longer hair rubber bands should be used to avoid cutting natural hair on removal.
Q:Is my Hair Damaged?
A:There are a few tests you can do to determine if your hair is damaged but most commonly is noticing dry spit ends and constant knotting.

Does your hair lack lustre and fullness or have any of these characteristics if so then unfortunately you have some form of damage to your hair. damaged hair is pretty common as we live in a society where changing our hair colour frequently is the done thing, but what is forgotten is the condition processes that are needed in-between.
Characteristics of Damaged Hair
  • Dull
  • Dry
  • Course
  • Frequent use of oily products does not help retain moisture and /or the effects do no last long
  • Tangles easily, difficult to comb while both wet and dry
  • Fizzy
  • Breakage is severe in spots
  • Visible split ends
  • Scalp may be unhealthy ie,itchy/blotchy/sensitive
  • May have excessive dandruff
 Hair Rehab Regimen
 (to help regain your healthy lustrous hair)

  • Start with a good trim or haircut
  • Use a protein treatment immediately to stop breakage
  • Take a break from relaxer or colouring treatments
  • Wash your hair twice weekly with a protein shampoo
  • Always use a leave-in conditioner when drying your hair (air drying your hair overnight wrapped with a silk or satin scarf to stop evaporation of conditioners and treatment oils is recommended)
  • Twice weekly conditioning treatments (preferably with heat ie,steam)
  • No heat styling.(ie,curling tongs or straighteners).

Can I REALLY Mend My Split Ends?"
First let me tell you how they
The ends of the hair split when the outer layer of the cuticle ,which is the protective layer, get's worn away from excessive heat, and chemical services.
Once that protective layer wears off the hair becomes vulnerable, dehydrated and damaged which causes the ends to split.
Let's be honest, with all you've just read do you think it's possible to mend that type of damage?
No..the only way to "mend" split ends is to cut them off.
Now, with that said you want to be sure to prevent split ends from ever happening to begin with.
Conditioner is your new BFF. 
Be sure to condition the hair regularly. To ensure the hair stays hydrated.
Wear protective styles like a sew-in, kinky twists, or  braids throughout the year to give your hair a break from the normal wear and tear.
Get your ends trimmed professionally every six to eight weeks.
So instead of trying to mend those ends prevent the splitting and have healthy hair from the beginning.
If your question hasn't been answered please do not hesitate to contact us via the contacts page and we will be happy to help.


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