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Tips on how to wrap your hair when preparing to dry it or for bedtime
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Tips on how to wrap your hair when preparing to dry it or for bedtime

Tips on how to wrap your hair when preparing to dry it or for bedtime

It is always recommended that Afro hair be wrapped at night to protect it from moisture lost therefore reducing the risk of breakage and making it ease to manage and style everyday. Wrapping your hair will reduce the use of straighteners, whether its your hair or a weave. 

Step 1:Wash and condition your hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner, wrap foam or setting lotion appropriate for ethnic hair.
Step 2:Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to get tangles and kinks out and always comb from ends to root. 
Make a small horizontal part at the top of your head (the crown area) and comb the hair forwards to your face and then downwards  over your ears and back towards your neck.
Step 3:Determine which side you want to wear your parting. 
create your part and Start wrapping the hair,by combing your hair towards the left if your parting is on the right and visa versa.
Take the hair up over and behind the left ear continue in a circular motion until you are back to the parted area on your right,continue over the part and blend the hair into the rest of the hair where you started your wrap. your hair should now be completely wrapped on your head. if your hair is long uses clips as you work around the head to avoid it falling out of place. With a bristle brush, go around the wrapped hair smoothing the ends down.  pressing the hair down to keep it in place. tie the hair with a net.

Step 4:Sit under a hooded  dryer for at least 45 minutes or until the hair is completely dry. 

Step 5:comb your hair in the same circular direction as you did in Step 3.  gently teasing until the hair strands are separated. 

Step 6:Part your hair and comb onto the elected side of your face.

Step 7:Practice, practice, practice. It takes time to train your hair and to learn how to wrap it. The more you practice, the easier it will be to wrap your hair.

Step 8: To dry wrap your hair follow the instructions as in Part 3 but
tie your hair with a silk scarf for bed time.

Tips & Warnings
Curl the ends of your hair with curling iron or flat iron to add a little bump. 
Spray a light mist of oil sheen to give your hair a bit more luster. 
Re-wrap your hair at the end of each day. Tie it up with a scarf and unwrap it the next day and it will always look as thought you have just walked out of the salon.

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